Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Can Smell The Daisies (almost)

All I've been thinking of lately is stepping outside and feeling the brisk spring air. But alas, there is still snow on the ground. Although it is slowly melting and getting a little bit warmer, I'm waiting for the flowers to bud. I'm also waiting to be able to drive with all the windows down in my little Ford Focus.
Anyways, here's some images I put together of spring fashions and etc! Enjoy.

I love the overalls and the sunglasses. I could never pull off the round sunglasses though (my face is chubby). 

This skirt is so couture! I'd never wear it anywhere but I think it's sick. 

I really love the girl on the left's outfit. It's so simple (white collared blouse and black pencil skirt), yet it's so beautiful! Lately, I've been into very clean looking things. Simple, clean, and classy.

These pastel colors are perfect. I love hydrangeas and roses.

Black is always the way to go. I love Dr. Martins too, totally wish I had a pair.

That wallet is precious. Where can I find it?

Love her hair, and sunglasses. But gah, I could never pull those off.

Again, so simple. The jeans make it pop though; I love color of them.

Spring is when I wish I had a Jeep Wrangler.

and here ^ is a little daily inspiration for you (I know it's not March 13th).


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