Monday, March 17, 2014

Lorde & Lo-Fang Concert

Last night was incredible. For one, I found a new favorite of mine: Lo-Fang. He has so much talent it's unbelievable. Great performances by he and Lorde both. And Lorde: let me just tell you she is going to be so famous, much more famous than she is now. Her performance was so well done, her singing was impeccable (I think I like her live more than I like the studio recordings), the lighting was way cool as well. Lorde also made an amazing speech about the meaning behind Ribs. Anyways, my favorite songs of the concert were Still Sane by Lorde and #88 by Lo-Fang.
Here's some of my pictures from the concert:
Here I am pre-concert (we had Mezzanine seats; very different experience considering I've always been in General Admission at this venue.)


Lorde's grand entrance! Her first song was Glory and Gore; perfect way to start off the concert.


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