Monday, April 28, 2014

Marina's Style

From the moment I started listening to Marina and the Diamonds, I was hooked. Not only do I love her music, but she has been such an inspiration to me in so many ways. One way: fashion. Marina is her own person, and she's not afraid of showing that to the world through her own style. This is how I like to see it: she doesn't just stick to one genre. That's because she is her own genre, that includes her music and style. Personally, I can really relate. I've never felt like I belonged to one group of people, or liked one kind of fashion (I want to be so many different kind of people, I can't make up my mind!), so she really speaks to me. I went to her concert last May. It was definitely the most incredible concert I've ever been to because I was being engulfed in her lyrics, ones that helped me get through so many very hard times. Fashion has also given me so much strength through all the difficult moments. I have to accredit Marina for helping me break out of my comfort zone and wear what I want, when I want. So thank you Marina; you rock.
I love her outfits in the Primadonna video: check it out. It is also my favorite song!
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