Friday, April 4, 2014

Service in Nicaragua

Last week I was in Nicaragua serving and teaching the children there English with the organization, Outreach 360. My trip was definitely a learning experience; I didn't just teach the children, they taught me as well. I was amazed at how kind, helpful, and caring the kids were. They were also so appreciative to be learning that it made me think about how Americans take education for granted.
The more and more I thought about this, the more sad I became. Living in America is such a great thing because we have great freedoms, but it's also an environment of choice which sometimes provides for a constant unhappiness and pressure to be perfect hanging over our heads. After realizing this, I decided I have to say thank you everyday for what I have, because the children I worked with have so little yet they are so happy and wish for nothing more in life than an education.
My deep thought process aside, I had a life-changing trip. If you're looking for a service project over the summer or during the year to do for a week or more I highly suggest checking out Outreach360. They have locations in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic. The experience will truly change how you see the world around you. The environment in Nicaragua is something I believe everyone should encounter at least once in their lives.
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Me after climbing 998 step to the top of Pena de la Cruz in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

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