Monday, June 16, 2014

Adventures Beyond Suburbia (OOTD)

This title says it all. On Saturday I finally got to get out of the "bubble" for a little bit. I went to a grad party that was about an hour away, and then my friend and I went to a college town in that area. It was my first time taking that long of a trip on the highway by myself. But we made it and had an amazing adventure there!
First, we went into this funky little shop that sold all kinds of cool books, knick-nacks, gags, whatever, etc. I can't find something like that near my house! Except maybe the stuff they sell in Urban Outfitters was somewhat similar... but anyways, I love little, unique shops like that so I was excited.

Next, we went to place called Graffiti Alley where people just spray paint the alley with whatever. It's like a public canvas. It's a great place to take pictures so, of course, I did!

Finally, we just wandered around a little bit until I had to text my cousin for a restaurant suggestion. We ate at the place she suggested; it was awesome. So yummy! I had a panini with red peppers, basil pesto, and chicken... it was to die for. Plus there fries were really good as well!

So besides all the fun we had, I was wearing a really cute outfit that'd I'd love to share with you all!

Check out this outfit on Chictopia!
And here's some inspired pieces from my outfit:
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