Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Today I had the intense urge to make room for the new, clear out the old, and make some money. But how did I do it on such a rainy day? Well, first I went to the local CoinStar machine and traded my big bag of pennies for $8 in cash (not bad, right?). Then, when I got back home I decided to look up websites that allow you to sell your clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. to others. But I knew there were a lot of websites out there that take a big chunk of commission once you sell something. So, I did a little research and I found Tradesy. Tradesy is simple to use, professional looking, and best of all: does not charge you to list an item! They also make shipping the item to a buyer simple and easy by giving you the option to add on free shipping. So far, I've really been pleased with Tradesy. 
For all of you that want to learn more, check out my Tradesy profile

A Juicy Couture bracelet that I am selling! Click the link above to see and buy it on my profile!
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  1. You have a lovely blog! Pretty bracelet too, best of luck selling it, though I don't think you'll have any trouble!


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