Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Love for Art

I'm going to start posting more heartfelt, raw writing, along with my usual fashion/lifestyle posts.

Today's topic is going to be my love for art and how it formed...

I've always been really into photography and I loved drawing anime characters for the longest time. But it really wasn't until I studied abroad in England last summer that it all clicked. There, I took a class called Art Textiles. That class was amazing. Honestly, it was unlike anything I had ever been taught in the States. To me, art had always just been "draw this", "paint that", "...Oh look how creative". But in England I learned that art is an in-depth process. Students did research on the pattern of butterfly wings, had composition books filled with examples... everything. While in the States it has always felt to me like a constricted process... A "follow these rules" type of thing.

Since I was only on exchange for a month, the teacher had me working with my photography. She showed me examples of artists that do collage work, and in that instance I fell in love. Collage is something that has helped me get through the worst of times by expressing my feelings photographically. I am so grateful for having been influenced so much by that class. I don't think I'd have this blog if I hadn't had that experience, to be honest.

So there you have it. It's been an amazing journey and I'm constantly learning new things. The collages I do are all online, so I guess you could basically call it "Graphic Design" or "Graphic Collage" (as I like to say). 

Here's some of my work (if you were curious)...

All of these were made on Polyvore which is where I do 90% of my collage work. I do "graphic design" stuff on Photoshop. So if you want to see more of my Polyvore collages, check out my profile.

My work is something really near to my heart, and it's something I've kept kinda private for quite a while. So I hope you connect to it, feel it, and appreciate it like I do. 

Thanks for listening (well, reading... haha)

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