Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wanting to be Friends with Every Blogger Ever

I've got a problem on my hands: literally nobody I know personally has a blog (unless they do and they are hiding; don't be shy!).

My attempt at being cute aside, I think bloggers, especially fashion, art, or lifestyle bloggers, are some of the coolest people ever. Not to compliment all of us or anything but we know what's up. It's so true. Every blogger knows the latest trends, and every blogger is so cool (I obviously can't stress this enough). 
I really wish real life was just filled with awesome, interesting, blogger-like people. Maybe it is, I just wouldn't know how to meet those people though so, that's another problem. 

All I know is it would be really fun to have people like that in my life. To other bloggers: getting to know you guys through your blogs is amazing. It's so fun to read your opinions, look at your style pictures, etc.
Also, so many bloggers are super arsty. And if you know me well you know I appreciate really artsy, deep-thinking people. Because I just love a good deep conversation.

In my personal life I only know a few people who can hold a really great deep conversation. But I am so thankful for those few individuals because I know I can trust them and they can trust me.

Anyway, it just seems to me like the blogging community is like that. And I'd really love to get to know some of you better! So this is an invite for ya'll to come on and say "hi!" so we can be friends. I love getting to know people and I promise I don't bite!

Thanks for always reading and listening. XOXO.
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  1. Cute post, and I totally get it. I don't know that many bloggers personally either.
    If you didn't live so far from me, I'd say 'Hey fellow blogger, lets be friends' but for now we will have to be be virtual blogger pals ;)
    x tink x

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that! It seems everyone blogging are all best friends and those newer to the world look in like "Can I be in this best friend club too?". Let's start our own club!
    Alex :)

    1. Oh my gosh! Yes we totally should :) Sign me up!!!


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