Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sad Goodbyes & New Beginnings

So, I'm the sentimental type. And this one is for all those beautiful class of 2014 members that are leaving me to rot in high school for another year... thanks guys... (don't worry, just a joke). What I'm really writing this post for is to say thank you to the people a year older for being there for me. We've had our laughs, but also our hard moments. This is one of those hard moments, one of those exciting moments where everything is going to change, but it'll be amazing for you all.

To every single now-Freshman in college that has impacted my life: have an unforgettable journey these next four years... I know you will. You've made me laugh, sing, and try to new things. I am so incredibly grateful for those memories. I can't wait to see all that you guys accomplish and I only wish that I could be standing in the shoes next to you.

The past few days, everyone has been trickling away to different schools in different places and it's really starting to dawn on me. Now, the class of 2015 is next. Now, I'm a Senior... I'm where you all were beginning just a year ago. Before I know it, I'll be a college kid too. It's such a scary thought... I can't fully wrap my head around how everything is changing every day, all the time. 

As a Junior I looked up to my Senior friends... and now the Juniors will be looking up to me. So with that being said, I hope I shine like I saw my friends shine. When I get that first acceptance letter, I'll know I made it. One step closer to greatness. One step closer to my future.

And that's what the Seniors taught me. They gave me hope that one day I would be someone. I'll never forget two things I was told by two Seniors.
1) "You're going to look up one night and see yourself among the stars." 

2) "You're not going to just be the typical person that has a 9 to 5."

But it was all the hugs, the words of wisdom, the helping hands that I was granted with that made the class of 2014 special. I met so many truly special people and I would re-live Junior year again just to spend time with them.
There's so many specific people to mention, but even though it's only been a few short months of spending time with Martissa, I know that we will always keep in touch. I'll miss her smile in the hallway and the genuine, real conversations we had. I'll miss my ring buddy Andrea who I saw every morning in homeroom. I'll also miss those Seniors who I went on Kairos (a retreat) with (you guys know who you are). You made my year worth while, and even though we only spent a short weekend together, you all probably know me better than most people. And then to the Seniors who have came into my life, and then out. Even though we don't talk anymore, you still matter to me because you changed me for the better. And then I'll miss all my amazing co-workers who are going away, especially De'Kael. I'll be visiting you in Chicago; don't worry!

So that's it. I love you all. Thank you for making me feel like I belonged somewhere. 

P.S. Don't forget me! Come back and visit!

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  1. Just now reading this!! :,-( I miss you so much Doll! You are doing amazing things out here. I love you much!

    1. Thanks sweetie! You too! Love you and miss you so much! <3


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