Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Shoes (I'm So Excited!)

OK, I am out of my mind excited that these beauties finally came in the mail today. Look at them, are they gorgeous or what?

I've check the mail for the past 7 days, waiting, hoping they'd be sitting there. Today was that day, my friends, that the little silver ASOS package was sitting at my doorstep.

These booties are by London Rebel, bought on ASOS.com. Get this, they were 60% off! So they were only $40! A steal, right? I got an email from ASOS about a week or so ago about the one-day sale and I pulled out my credit card as quick as possible when I found these.

Mine are a US size 9. They are a bit roomie, but if I would've gotten them a size smaller, they'd have probably been a little tight. Plus, I'll end up wearing thick socks with them, so it's all good.

Check out these cute boots here, or shop just shop ASOS shoes in general! They carry quality products and I'm not lying when I say I'm totally obsessed with the brand. Working for them in their marketing department or something along those lines is basically my dream job. No joke.

Here's some more London Rebel booties for you to check out! Click on the pictures for more info!

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