Saturday, October 11, 2014

Recent Travels & Life-Happenings

For the past two weekends, I've been out of town. Whether it was going to Northern Michigan for my cousin's wedding, or exploring Milwaukee, I've spent a lot of time away (and in the car).

The night before the wedding I was able to take some pictures on the beach of the sunset! It was so beautiful; I've missed that view so much!

The next day was the wedding! I got all ready: curled my hair, did my makeup, put on my pretty dress, and then I was off to the golf club where they were married!

It was a beautiful ceremony, reception, and weekend.

Next stop: Milwaukee

While I was there, I visited Marquette University (possibly my future school!). Behind me is a church that was brought here all the way from France. Crazy stuff; it was so pretty inside!

After my college visit I found a little coffee shop called Colectivo. I had some green tea because my head was really hurting. I love their mugs and the atmosphere. It was so cool!

I also had some amazing spaghetti at an Italian Market. Trust me, if I go to college there, I will be at that market all.the.time.

And then, a trip cannot be complete without making a visit to another American Apparel store. It's always fun to see how different stores are and what kind of clothes they have compared to the one I work at.

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