Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reflections (OOTD)

OK, so this isn't really an OOTD because it's from last week. But never mind that! I'm super excited to share this outfit:

Last week, I went on a walk with my best friend through a beautiful campus near my house. I was a little, uh, over-dressed for the occasion, considering it rained and I was wearing my nice, brand-new boots, but it's all good.
In this picture, I have my Forever 21 jacket on. I got this trench-looking coat a few years back, and although one of the buttons is starting fall off now, it's a classic autumn time piece.

We also found a beautiful pond in a Japanese garden on our walk. Cute shoes, pretty puddle; might as well take a picture!

And here's a better picture of my outfit! This, again, is in the Japanese garden and I just love this bridge. It's always perfect for a photo.

My cropped sweater is (you guessed it) American Apparel, along with my Easy Jeans. 

And the booties are from ASOS! If you haven't seen my post about them, check it out!

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked this OOTD!

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