Monday, November 17, 2014

Chicago in 24 Hours

Literally: we explored Chicago in 24 hours. From college visits, to cute cafes, to the Magnificent Mile... this was our weekend getaway!

Right after school, we jumped on the next train to Chicago, ready to visit future colleges and have a great weekend. We got some food, more specifically ramen noodles, because they are obviously the perfect train food for a cold day.

Our train was late so when we got to Union Station our eyes were fluttering and our heads were ready to hit our pillows. The night was long and by the time we got to the hotel it was past midnight. 

Unfortunately, we had to get up super early the next morning to make it to our first college visit at DePaul (where I was recently accepted, yay!). When we got to Lincoln Park (where the main campus is) we found a cafe called the Bageler. Best. Bagel. Ever. No joke. The picture is of Maria's whole wheat bagel with honey cream cheese because it looked really nice with her latte (and it was very yummy, I had a bite). As for me, I had a plain bagel with homemade strawberry jam. If you know me, you know I love strawberry jam... So I really couldn't stop talking about this one.

So we went on the DePaul tour, then headed back to the city for the Columbia College tour. Both were great! After a long day of tours that ended around 3pm, we found a place called Eleven City Diner. Apparently, it's pretty popular. Maria and I had amazing omelettes there because we love breakfast food at anytime of the day. I also had a red Faygo, which is my guilty pleasure.

Then, we visited some friends, browsed TopShop, etc. I had no luck at TopShop unfortunately. The two dresses I had in mind for Christmas Dance did not flatter me. Oh well. I will continue searching. If you have any ideas, lovely readers, let me know!

So all in all, Chicago was a blast. I'm so glad I finally got to experience it with my best friend.
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  1. This must have been so exciting! Your outfits look super cute together and I love that you made time to visit Topshop on your 24 hour visit haha :)


    1. Yes it was! Thank you! And I always have to make time for a little shopping, especially at TopShop since the Chicago store is the closest one to me. Thanks for your comment xoxo :)


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