Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to Wear Summer Dresses in the Fall/Winter

Don't put away your summer dresses just yet, girls! Although this sounds crazy, there are ways you can wear your summer dresses during this cold fall and winter season. The secrets to making any summer dress winter appropriate and stylish are in this post... Keep reading!

So here's the recipe to fashion success:

First, take a look in your closet, pick out all your summer dresses. A few that I have in my closet are the Brandy Melville Jada Dress in Black and Light Teal, and the Ponte Sleeveless Skater Dress in Ice Baby Blue and Houndstooth. What's nice about these two dresses is that they can be layered very easily.

Last weekend, I paired my Brandy dress with an old sweater from Forever 21 and my new Sparkle Knee Socks from AA. In a perfect world, I would've paired the outfit with some white Dr. Martens, but all I had was my Sorrel lace-up boots. (If someone wants to get me Dr. Martens though, I'll love you forever!).

Another one of the summer dresses I'm planning to re-style for winter is the AA dress I mentioned before. Just add a blouse underneath and you're good to go! Also, I'd pair it with some knee socks or tights to be a little warmer. 

Another AA dress I have is the Spaghetti Strap Baby Doll dress that you have seen in numerous posts so far. But I love this dress because it's so unique and it's definitely a dress I'm going to keep making work, even on cold days.

This is my outfit of the day! As you can see I used my AA dress as the center of my outfit but added layers to make it look and feel more weather appropriate. I'm wearing a Forever 21 black crop top, black thigh-highs/hold-ups from AA, and my mom's cute heeled boots (I stole them from her, hee hee). If i were going out somewhere in this, I would pair a leather jacket or my black shawl with it, but today I'm just staying in and having a nice family dinner.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

(Please comment below, I love reading what you all think of my posts! XOXO!)

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  1. ahhh good idea! justifies it for me buying them if i can wear them all year xx

  2. Hey Gigi,

    Just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

    Have fun filling it out !

    Betty x


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