Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Very Festive Saturday

In spirit of the holiday season, my town hosts a Winter Market in the park every year. This year was super fun because I got to go with some of my best friends, unlike last year where I walked around all alone. We had a great time so keep reading for more!

OK, so, yes... my boyfriend and I did get matching penguin "tattoos". Aren't they adorable? I really couldn't resist. The last time I got a fake tattoo or something like is was when I got henna last year. Sadly, my penguin is starting to fade because it's just paint. So when I take a shower today it'll be gone for good; so sad.

And of course, this picture was necessary too.

At this market, they have a ton of cute little booths. One was for jewelry, another for wreaths, and of course a ton of food. There was even a cannoli booth where my friends got to choose from so many different flavors. There was even a hot chocolate cannoli (it was delicious. I had a bite.)

Last but not least, Maria and I took a picture with our favorite parrot before heading back home to watch movies with everyone. So festive, am I right?

P.S. I've been really slacking on blog posts recently. Why? Because:
1) Teachers are giving so much homework. 
2) I've been trying to keep up with my new online shop.
3) In my free time, I've been hanging out with friends more lately.
4) I'm super excited for Christmas because I'm probably getting a light set, therefore I'll have better posts and outfit pictures when I get it.

So sorry for being so bad with posting lately! But thank you for reading this! :)
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