Saturday, January 24, 2015

Auto Show Outfit

It's that time of year: the Auto Show came to Detroit once again. The Auto Show is an international event that attracts car lovers from everywhere. So, the fact that I live so close to it gives me a reason to go every year. This year, I was able to go with a few friends (Conor is in this picture with me) and Brandon (my boyfriend).

OK, but enough about cars. What I had fun with was choosing my outfit for the day and sporting it around the venue. 

I wore my new Forever 21 fuzzy cardigan (it was on the BOGO rack) paired with a white Sugar Lips tee. Note: if you have not heard of Sugar Lips, check it out. I've been wearing their tank tops for years because they are so nice and form fitting! Then, I added my black denim skirt from H&M that I bought this summer. I had been dying to wear it again! And for a finishing touch, I put on my grey pattern tights and Doc Martens that I got for Christmas.

My outfit was a success, and my day off was so much fun! And when it was all over, we drove away in our new Smart car (haha, just kidding! We wish!)

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