Sunday, February 1, 2015

Photo Shoot: Part 1

Recently, I became a 2nd semester Senior which means I only have one semester left of high school and then I'll be on to bigger and better things in the city of Chicago. Yes: I'll be moving to Chicago, but no: I don't know exactly which Chicago university I will be attending yet. But, that'll all come in time. Today, I'm sharing an exciting post filled with pictures from my photo shoot with Kaelin Austin (find her on Instagram @momentsfromkae). (This is part 1 of 2). Enjoy!

This first one is going to be a perfect fall Chicago day outfit. Not going to lie though: I was freezing outside with only black over-the-knee socks on my legs. So hence that this should not be worn in the middle of winter.

But, regardless, I really like this outfit! My jacket was actually purchased at Forever 21 a few years back. It's been super reliable for nice events and at the time it was only about $30 or so. My top is from my own shop, MINXEA, and is available for purchase. I just wanted to model it for you all! I paired it with my black denim skirt from H&M. I had been dying to wear it once again and this was the perfect excuse!

Also can't forget my black faux leather scrunchie from American Apparel! Scrunchies are a basic life necessity for me. So is green tea! Which is why I absolutely had to have a cup at the cafe we stopped in to take some cool pictures.

Thanks for reading! More outfit pictures coming in part 2 of this post! 

Let me know in the comments what your must-have accessory is.

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