Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Waiting For Spring (OOTD)

Alright, you caught me: this isn't an outfit of the day because it's from last week. But I might as well share it because I had a great time at sushi with Maria the other day. Because of how cold it was, school was canceled not only on that day, but on the next day as well. I was so glad to have a bit of a break and time to myself. Unfortunately, I came down with a cold over the weekend too, but I'm all better now.

I'm really trying to get better pictures of my outfits lately, so hopefully my posts will start improving soon. I just kinda threw this outfit on because I really wanted to wear my new rose babydoll dress from American Apparel. Don't you just adore this print? I got it for 70% off at the location I use to work at. There were so many cute items that I was tempted to buy but I'm trying to give my piggy bank a break for now. Definitely have to start saving instead of spending.

Speaking of which: if you haven't tried selling on eBay, I highly suggest you start. I'm currently selling a bunch of gently used clothing, among other things I've found laying around the house. It's perfect for Spring cleaning that is right around the corner! Plus, we all have to start making room in our wardrobes for some cute florals like my babydoll dress and these unique ones as well:

What's your go-to Spring print?
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