Friday, March 27, 2015

Society6 Art of the Week #1

Hi there! If you don't yet know: I really like art. Although I myself lack drawing, painting, and a majority of artistic abilities besides photography, I've always taken more interest in other people's creations. So this is how this new series of blog posts came about. If you know about the website Society6, then great! If not, I'll explain all about it and why this website is the reason for these posts.

Society6 is a website where artists can post their work, get it printed, and sell it for a commission without doing hardly any work at all. Pretty great right? Not only can you buy prints from cool, off-the-grid artists, but you can also get their work on things like mugs, tapestries, tees, and a bunch more. 

I thought that it would be nice to give these artists another audience for their work so that's why I will be sharing some of my favorite pieces from Society6 every week from now on! (Click the links or pictures for more details.)

"Intimacy on Display" on Society6

.I love the splashes of color on this piece; the paint strokes are so beautifully done. Plus, I'm big on portrait subject matter. If I could draw, I would draw people. But I can't so I stick with photographing people. This piece is also so simplistic which is similar to much of my style. I'm actually planning on buying this one and putting it in my dorm (on my soon-to-be "art wall").

"Excuse Me, I'm Lost" on Society6

This next one I found has such an earth, yet celestial, feeling to it. It makes me wish purple skies existed! This piece comes in an art print like the last, but I'm personally more fond of it as an iPhone case. If I had it, I would look at my phone and instantly feel connected to nature.

"SWEETS" on Society6

I'm a big fan of this artist's collages. I've had a huge fascination with these types of collages ever since I took an Art Textiles class when I was a student at a British school for a summer. This specific piece is awesome because of how simple it is.

Thanks for reading! Stay on the lookout for next week's art post. 
More fashion posts coming soon!
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  1. this is great! thanks for sharing, i love art too so this will be great for me :) xx
    elly from alldeathbydiamonds


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