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Awesome Dorm Decor to Personalize Your Space (Guest Post)

Recently I received an email from about how they loved my blog and wanted to write a guest post for me. Since their website is full of inspiration for homes, I thought it would be cool if they wrote a Dorm Decor post for my blog since I will be moving into one this Fall! I love all these ideas and I hope you do too!

Guest post by Hannah West

You may not have much space to call your own, but living in a dorm doesn’t have to limit your style. There are plenty of ways to individualize your room so that it feels like home without feeling the wrath of the hall director when it’s time to move out.

Washi Tape Frames


Why add picture frames to the mounting list of things to buy for college? Travel light with Washi tape, and you can create as many picture frames as you need without damaging the wall. They come in an array of colors and patterns, and of course they can be any size, so you can get creative with displaying your favorite pictures.

String Lights

Fluorescent overhead lights don’t tend to be very whimsical. In fact, in a typical dorm room, they may make you feel like you’re in a prison. Soften unpleasant lighting with string lights and lamps for a more homey feel.

Stacked Crates

A desk and dresser don’t do much as far as storage space, and they certainly don’t offer much display space. Use stacked crates as bookshelves or to display your favorite items. You can also use them as a simple, non-intrusive way to define the room if you share with a roommate and like clear parameters.

Extra Seating

Make everyone comfortable--and keep your friends from using your bed as a couch--by supplying extra squishy seating. Use ottomans, papasan chairs or, for something a little more fun, bright floor poufs.

Switchplate Covers


Adding color to switchplate covers is a small detail that can make a big difference when it comes to personalizing a generic space. It’s as easy as replacing the current switchplates with ones you’ve bought and decorated yourself, and then swapping them back at the end of the semester. For an even easier method, use Washi tape or patterned fabric to decorate your current ones.

Cord Makeover  

photo 4.JPG

Yet another use for brightly colored tape: covering your charger cords. Whether you share a suite with one person or three, it’s easy to get wires crossed and lose track of which charger belongs to whom when one mysteriously disappears. Decorate your laptop and phone chargers to not only stake your territory, but to brighten up the room as well.  

Living in a dorm is such a unique experience and likely the best time in your life to be completely yourself in your space. Have fun with some of these ideas and put your own touch on your room.

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  1. Washi tape wasn't a thing when I was in halls - the UK equivalent of dorms -, so I had to make do with some blue tac. Definitely NOT as cute!

    - Elodie x


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