Saturday, June 27, 2015

New City, New Shoes

You will never guess where I went the other day... That's right... Chicago once again! And I am definitely not complaining because I am totally in love with my soon-to-be home. The next time I'm there I will be moving into my dorm, which also means that I will not be able to go shopping (so sad... but I have to save my money for more urgent, adult-like things... Am I right?

By the way, I'm really not loving this whole adulthood thing yet. It's quite scary. I have one more month to savor life in my hometown and I fully intend to do it. (Never thought I would say that but here I am...)

Back on topic: Chicago. So, as I was walking down Michigan Avenue we came upon Express. Now, honestly, I'm really not a fan of Express. But I had store credit from a long time ago that I've been meaning to use so I thought well, might as well look.

To my surprise, I found the most perfect mule heels of which I have been searching endlessly for. They were on sale too for $30 + 30% off. Like I said, I also had store credit which ended up bringing down the price even more. I snagged them for $14 at the end of it all!

Great deal right?

I'm super happy about this purchase and will be wearing them in a new fashion video soon so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! What are your weekend plans?
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  1. You must be SO excited to be moving to Chicago, I hope the transition goes smoothly for you! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Hey Gabrielle! I am so excited! Thanks for love and support! xoxo

  2. the shoes are so cute! good luck with your move, i've been a few times and loved it :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  3. Found your blog via instagram and love it - had to give you a follow! Would really like to pull off mule heels, especially during summer as they seem like such a versatile piece
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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