Thursday, July 16, 2015

How I Style: Denim Jackets

Although I desperately wanted to post a video, I decided that it would be better to just do a short post this time around. With that little tidbit taken care of: denim jackets are my thing recently! There's hardly any outfit that doesn't work with denim. It's especially great when you can no longer find any inspiration in your wardrobe anymore. Put on an old outfit and add a denim jacket... Ta-da! A fresh new look!

My one and only denim jacket is from H&M. It's a medium wash denim that I bought a couple years ago and it wasn't too pricey because, well, H&M obviously! I'd really recommend it because the style is cute, not too cropped, but also not baggy (I can be very picky when it comes to these jackets).
All the looks shown in this post are casual! If you would like me to do a more elegant version, let me know! (because it's actually possible to rock denim with a dress and heels too!)

The first look is super bright and tropical, but the denim jacket tones it down and gives it a cooler feel. This is a great outfit for one of those not-too-humid, yet sunny summer days. I paired a highlighter pink Sugar Lips tank with fun high-waisted Primark shorts because they match so perfectly. If you don't have a pink top, try wearing just a plain white tee! This still makes the look fun yet simple, and fresh. Plus, denim and white tees are an irresistible combination!

It's very easy and inexpensive to create an outfit like this yourself! Check out the great clothes I found for you guys below!

This may not be the first time you've seen this outfit! I wore it out one day with my boyfriend in May and filmed this #OOTD video. I will never ever get over my excitement when I put this outfit together. I love putting to use my American Apparel pieces (the top and skirt). I love the blue hues and the double denim aspect. The florals are essential to making this outfit because of the division it brings to the denim. If you don't like florals or don't have any, you can also pair a different pattern with this outfit. Just make sure the colors aren't too loud or it will distract from the statement of the denim overload! 

Another thing that is worth pointing out are my TopShop wooden heels. Guess how much... $24! Sadly, they are long gone and off the sale rack by now, but jelly shoes are very comparable (check them out below)! They are a great piece and work with this outfit because they match the hints of yellow in my magnolia top.
Thanks for reading!

Let me know which look was your favorite and how you style the classic denim jacket!

Also: what do you guys want to see on my blog next?

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  1. Both outfits look lovely! x

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! They are both casual takes on the denim jacket.


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