Friday, July 10, 2015

Just Some Links I Love

I honestly have no idea why I've never done a post like this because I always enjoy looking at other blogger's posts like this. So, this marks the first Just Gigi "Links I Love" post. Enjoy and let me know which link is your favorite!

1. An article highlighting 21 women who rock blonde hair and dark brows (

2. Really loving this planter DIY for my parents' new apartment (

3. I've been inspired by cool, artistic makeup like this lately (

4. Great article for all you bloggers looking to get more traffic (

5. I think we all want to try an Acai Bowl or is it just me? (

6. If you want to take pictures of those cookies you made today: read this (

7. My boyfriend showed me this game and now I'm obsessed (

8. Huge ASOS sale! So many cute shoes! (

9. Need a date night idea? This perfect list should be able to help (

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  1. Oh, these are terrific links! I love reading number 9 even though I'm single haha and the article on number 4 is so so helpful. Thank you for sharing! Xx

    THOUGHTS IN TIFFANY BLUE: A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! I love #4 too! It was super helpful for me and I hope it really helps you as well!

      Have a great day!


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