Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Bodysuits Are Better Than Normal Shirts

The bodysuit: if you've never worn one you're either missing out or glad you don't have to feel like you're wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Trust me, before I owned a bodysuit I thought life (and my closet) would just be better off without them. But these seemingly odd swimsuit like tops are amazingly convenient for almost any outfit. This post, inspired by The Blonde Salad, will highlight just why I'm partial to the beloved bodysuit. Don't worry, shopping links will be included!

The first time I gave a bodysuit a shot was when I started working at American Apparel and this is very obviously because of how many different kinds of bodysuits there are in the store. I now own a black one from Forever 21 and a light blue and light pink from AA. 

One reason I choose bodysuits over other tops is because they are actually pretty dang comfy. They also hold your stomach in which I like because normal shirts don't leave room for support.

The bodysuit is also very versatile and can easily be styled with jeans for a casual outing or a skirt for something more dressy. I even threw one under a dress that would normally reveal more skin than I'm comfortable with.

It also can be worn in pretty much any season (weather permitting; please don't wear just a bodysuit in the middle of winter). 

So there you have it: the reasons I love bodysuits. Now I'm going to show you a few I personally would love to wear and how you can style them! Happy shopping!
Style these stunning and playful bodysuits with a shawl or kimono so you're not revealing too much. If you want a more relaxed looked, try messing around with denim. My suggestion would be a denim jacket or even a denim shirt for a slouchy look. Choose black or red for a more sultry look and white or pastel colors for a more angelic one. Lace never goes out of style so these are very helpful to have on hand!
Printed bodysuits can add flair to your plain denim shorts or even skirt. American Apparel is especially famous for producing these standout bodysuits so I've included several of them for you to get inspiration from. Just remember this tip, though: never pair something printed with another, different print. Outfits can look messy and jumbled when that happens. 
And last but not least, the plain and simple bodysuit! I don't have much advice for this one because it can be worn with literally anything. I usually wear my plain black one with my white, black, and yellow plain skirt. You can do anything with it so just have fun styling and wearing it!
I hope you enjoyed the selections I made and found this blog post helpful!

What is your favorite bodysuit like?
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  1. Totally agree! Love the versatility of a bodysuit, especially if it is in a block colour - American Apparel do the best ones :)
    Feel free to check out our newest post x

    1. Yes, aren't they great!? American Apparel always has great prints.

  2. Love bodysuit as they are so versatile! Missguided and Boohoo are doing some lovely ones right now
    Laura x

    1. Yes! I haven't checked out the ones from Missguided or Boohoo but I will have to check them out soon! <3


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