Monday, August 17, 2015

A Week of Summer in Pictures

The past week has been a whirlwind to say the least. I took a trip to Northern Michigan, came home and had some fun too, and now I'm sorta-kinda last minute packing for my move to college tomorrow. Yes, I know, procrastination is bad.

Last Sunday, Brandon and I hit the road and had an awesome time adventuring on Mackinac Island. Have you ever been there?

We saw some amazing stuff! Arch rock, beautiful sunsets, the tunnel of trees, etc. It was great to be one with nature and have time together before college.

And of course, we ate, ate, and ate! Although I don't have a picture, we found the most amazing popcorn place ever. We also stopped at a famous Polish restaurant along the way which was also very scenic!

The best parmesan truffle fries ever. If you know me, you know I will order these beauties whenever I get the chance.

Finally, many pictures were taken by Lake Michigan. I would say I'm going to miss the view, but I'll still be right next to this beautiful body of water when living in Chicago.

After a beautiful, but short vacation, I came back home to my family's new apartment to be greeted by a new coffee shop right down the street!

I love the AlleyCat Cafe! How cute is the outdoor seating? The Japanese Sencha tea is the best and I'm sipping on a white chocolate raspberry iced coffee in that first picture! I had a lot of fun hanging out there and working all weekend!

And now, tomorrow is time for the bittersweet "see you laters". I even had to say some tonight.

As a side note, since the next week of my life will be hectic with college starting, I might not be as active on here or social media as I'd like to be. I apologize in advanced!

If you're going away to school too, best of luck! Thank you to my readers for your unwavering love and support! Talk to you soon!
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