Monday, August 24, 2015

Gold Hair Challenge

I was recently contacted by the company Pura D'or to participate in their Gold Hair Challenge. Naturally, I accepted because who doesn't love trying out some cool new products that make your hair look flawless as ever? I had a fantastic experience with these products and company... Read on to learn more!

Since receiving these products, I've used them every other day on my hair. Before starting, my hair was rough, tangled, and not as vibrant-looking or shiny as I wanted it to be.

I've always heard great things about argan oil, but have only tried it in one other product. All 3 Pura D'or products I received have argan oil in them.

The Gold Label Shampoo benefits include adding volume, thickening hair, and it's also good for anti-hair loss! This stuff is packed with vitamins that will improve your hair and scalp over time which is a big plus because most companies do not offer this to the extent that Pura D'or does.

Not only do these products enhance your gorgeous locks, but they are also cruelty-free!

I think the Premium Lavender Conditioner is by far my favorite product from Pura D'or. If your hair is like mine, it absolutely needs conditioner. I've brought all these products along to college with me and I love the soothing lavender smell while I shower. My hair is definitely cleaner and more luscious after using this product, but I physically also feel more refreshed. 

And the infamous Argan Oil is built into the products I mentioned before, but it also comes in a vile. This allows for much smoother, shinier hair, but here's a tip: use it in very small increments. It will repair your hair, but can also help stimulate skin cells. Check out the product for more information!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out their products!

I know that fashion posts have been M.I.A. from my blog, but I should have more coming in the next few week so bare with me please!

*This is a sponsored post*
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