Friday, August 14, 2015

#OOTD: Dreamy Days

These are the kind of days I just want to keep in a bottle and preserve forever. This past week has been a ton of fun; if you've been tuning into my Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen I went on vacation with Brandon. We took a road trip for a few days to Northern Michigan and Mackinac Island. Have you ever been there?

As for last night, we had a night out of driving and eating chicken and waffles (my favorite) at the restaurant down the street from my family's new place.

I felt like getting all dressed up so I threw on this pink dress that looks like it's been through a lot of wear and tear or something. But, I can tell you that is not the case because yesterday was my first time wearing it! My aunt sent it to me from Italy as a graduation present, and therefore, I have no idea what the brand is.

As for the shoes I picked, I went with some light gold, strappy wedges. I love these because they are easy to walk in and can we worn out with almost anything. I especially love wedges in the summer because I always find myself going to events where I have to walk on the grass. If you're wearing shoes with a thin heel, you know that it's just going to be a total disaster of getting stuck in the ground all day. I've learned the hard way once or twice.

I just love these photos of the outfit because of how my dress is blowing in the wind. It really reminds me of a simple and modern take on the fashion of the 20's. The torn-look of the layers mimick that of embellished flapper dresses.

If you'd like to channel the roaring 20's with a modern element, check out some of the clothes I've linked below!
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