Monday, November 9, 2015

Maria Poggi: Singer, Songwriter & Best Friend

We don't have to tell people we are best friends, they already know it; she's been my #1 since I was three years old. And today, I get to publish this interview with her! I couldn't be happier to have Maria as my first interviewee.  Trust me, she's not just amazing because she's my best friend. She's more than that. She's been writing songs since she was in elementary school, always singing in the car or shower, and inspiring me and other's with her music constantly.

5 Simple Facts about Maria
1. She binge-watches TED Talks
2. She is not the world's best driver
3. She cannot survive without coffee
4. She feels like a bad-ass when she wears red lipstick and shades
5. She is obsessed with reading the modern love section of the NY Times

Q: What inspires you?
A: People who are able to be vulnerable enough to share their stories and past experiences with me. 

Q: When did you start writing songs?
A: I started writing haiku's in 5th grade, but I officially started writing lyrics for songs in 6th.

Q: What is one thing that has made you the person you are today?
A: Having security and stability by still having my childhood friends in my life.

Q: Who is your style inspiration?
A: I don't necessarily have a particular person who I tailor my style around. I really like a mixture of grungy, romantic and bohemian looks and it's all really interdependent on everything: the weather, my mood, music I've been listening to, books I've been reading, and films or shows I've been watching.

Q: What would you say is your most unique trait?
A: I can shamelessly admit that I embarrass myself almost on a religiously regular basis.

Q: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
A: Stop caring. Everyone else is too busy analyzing themselves to give two shits about what you're doing. And if they do care, it's sad that they're spending their time pointing out your flaws.

Q: Where do you hope to be in a few years?
A: I hope to be creatively fulfilled, where ever that may lead me.

Q: What has been your crowning moment?
A: When I got a tattoo to symbolize my relationship with my grandma. I've never felt more liberated.

Q: What is your biggest weakness?
A: It's a crossfire between being too trusting and time management.

Q: Who would you want to learn something from?
A: I'd love to meet Jeanette Walls, the author of The Glass Castle. I have so many questions about how she wrote her memoir and how she decided to voice her rhetoric. 

Q: What's your favorite song you have written? Can you share a few lyrics with us?
A: I can't choose one song, that would be like choosing a favorite child. But, lately I've really been getting into changing the narratives of fairytales. A new song I'm working on is called "Damsel in Distress" and it's based on Rapunzel: 

Well, that wraps up our first interview! Big thanks to Maria for answering my numerous questions!
As a note: I encourage you all to reach out to Maria if her story interests you! Having connections with people makes life that much more valuable. I know that, personally, Maria has impacted my life in tremendous ways. She's a great person to talk to if you love music, songwriting, or New York City because she goes to school there.

You can find Maria here:

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Our next interview is all lined up, and highlights one of my favorite fashion bloggers! Stay tuned! 

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