Friday, December 23, 2016

#OOTD: Silver Bells

I'm pretty unethusticastic when it comes to winter because I hate having to bundle up with layers or throw on a hat and gloves. You could say winter is my least favorite season, but I do love the festivities that come along with the holidays. For my casual holiday outfit, I wanted to show off my silver biker jacket from Zara that makes any outfit shine.

#OOTD: Silver Bells | Just Gigi

I will always say yes to metallics during the winter because it is my way to bring a little more color and fun to an otherwise boring outfit. You can upgrade any t-shirt and jeans combination by adding fun accessories that work with the outfit. 

Zara Metallic Biker Jacket | Just Gigi

#OOTD: Silver Bells | Just Gigi

Although it was only 20 degrees when we took these photos today, I still had a smile on my face because I felt great in this outfit!

#OOTD: Silver Bells | Just Gigi

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  1. Love the silver metallic moto jacket, it's definitely a statement piece! Super unique too!

    xo, Chloe //


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